Principal’s Update

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

What a wonderful year 2021 has been, although we have been very busy and things are very hectic at the end of the year, our children continue to surprise us and bring us joy every day.

The concert was a huge success, with all of the items performed to a high level and high levels of attendance.  We were all very proud of the students and I personally would like to thank all of our families for their outstanding efforts with costumes.

Similarly, last week’s Kindy and Year six graduation were exceptional events. High levels of support from our families and students demonstrating pride and enjoyment of the events make organising them all worth the hard work. 

These events are all primarily organised by my Deputy Principal Team, consisting of Ms Freyja Lucas, Ms Morgan Shaw and Mr Blair Johns. I acknowledge their hard work and thank them for being outstanding school leaders.

A big thank you to the Year 6 parent organising committee, ably led by Mrs Shai Graham and Mrs Danielle Mautama. They (alongside their band of parent helpers) worked so hard to make graduation very special.

It is a sad time of the year because we farewell some valued members of our team.

Goodbye to:

Mrs Wendy Bow is leaving to return to Mandurah after five years of making a real difference at our school.  An outstanding teacher, Wendy’s students excel!

Mrs Michelle Proud has led STEM and worked tirelessly across all curriculum areas. She is a versatile and talented teacher who goes above and beyond for her students and her school.  She is relocating to Cottesloe and although we are jealous, we wish her fun and laughter at her new school.

Mrs Jane Dobbin is relocating to Perth after many years in Karratha. Jane’s dedication to her students as a special needs Education Assistant is commendable and we will miss her support and positivity.

Mr Paul Holst is returning to Bunbury after a year of experiencing Pilbara life.  It wasn’t for him but it didn’t stop him enjoying teaching Year six and participating fully in camp, graduation, Next Step Conference and Murujuga excursions.  We wish him all the best!

Sarine Sayegh is leaving us after commencing her teaching career with us in 2018 and has developed into an exemplary teacher. She will make a difference at Aubin Grove PS and we wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

Jessica Mason is relocating to Pegs Creek PS to complete her graduate process due to lack of positions available at our school. We wish her all the best and looking forward to ongoing collaboration with her.

Suzie Powell is relocating to Kalgoorlie after five years in the Pilbara.  Suzie’s work as Gumala Playgroup coordinator, trainer and advocate for young children places her at the forefront of Early Childhood Education in our state. We are sad to lose her and wish her health and happiness.

Janelle Sewell returns to Wellard PS after working with us, firstly as a relief teacher and then as co-teacher in Room 2.  She has proven herself to be flexible and passionate about education. We wish her and her family safe travels and ongoing happiness on their return to Perth.

Mrs Denise Holst is returning to Bunbury after a year here in the Pilbara. She has been a valued and reliable relief teacher and was an asset assisting with Year 6.
We wish her all the best!

So long to…(they are returning)

Mr Cameron Ross is relocating to Millars Well PS to take up a temporary promotion as Deputy Principal for 2022. He will, as always, be a star and we will welcome his return in 2023

Miss Talisa Warden commences maternity leave and assures me that she will return in 2023. We know she will be as wonderful a parent as she is a teacher, and wish her and her husband Michael ‘good luck’ with their new adventure.

School Board Chair

We also farewell our energetic, persistent and dedicated School Board Chair, Mr Grant Cucel, who relocates to Perth at the end of the school year.

I personally have learnt so much about effective leadership from Grant and his ongoing support, advice, affirmations and sheer belief in our school’s vision has kept my focus on excellence sharp. We wish Grant and his family all the best in their Perth journey.

I am very grateful for his support and will miss his guidance.

Waja Guma (little people learning)

Is funded by Rio Tinto and is a three year pilot, commencing in 2022, promoting pillars of culture, enriched learning and wellbeing for Aboriginal children aged between 0-4 (on non-kindy days) and their caregivers.

It is delivered by our school and will take place at the Pam Buchanan Centre – for information, please call us on 91876200.

Have a great Christmas everyone and  I look to seeing you all in 2022.