Welcome to our school

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we extend to you and your children a warm welcome to Baynton West Primary School. We are sure your association with the school will be a happy one.

The Baynton West Primary School staff are professionally devoted to providing a rigorous learning environment where the social development and enhancement of tolerance, excellence, reflection, good spirited endeavour, sportsmanship, good humour and cultural appreciation, are extremely important.

Each student is treated as an individual and all are encouraged to reach their potential in a caring and supportive environment. This only comes about when we all join together as a community with positive aims and purposes in mind.

We hope that you, through your interest, personal involvement and cooperation, will come to feel very much part of our school community. We look forward to working with you during the course of your association with our school and encourage you to become actively involved in your child’s education.