School Purpose

Baynton West Primary School provides for the children of Baynton West, an educational service that places a strong emphasis upon:

Rigour and excellence

An understanding of the unique position Baynton West has within the broader context of the global community; and
The development of social skills that highlight consideration, co-operation and acceptable, positive conflict resolution skills.
We seek to ensure that all students:

  • Are able to communicate effectively in English;
  • Are able to apply mathematical concepts and processes;
  • Are able to find and use information;
  • Are able to use a range of technology;
  • Work independently as well as co-operatively;
  • Approach learning in a manner that is both receptive and critical;
  • Are able to apply problem solving skills;
  • Understand their society and environment and have the skills necessary to be informed and responsible citizens;
  • Understand the natural world and are able to apply scientific concepts and processes;
  • Appreciate the arts and are able to express their creativity;
  • Have the understanding and skills necessary to achieve health and well being;
  • Respect the rights of others and Have a positive belief in themselves as learners.