Board Members

Lisa Ledger – Principal
“I believe that children flourish in schools that work in unison with local community”
Grant Cucel – School Board Chairperson
As a very proud parent of our school, it’s a real privilege to be a School Board Member, to help set a proactive strategic direction for Baynton West and ultimately make a difference to our children”
Travis McNaught – School Board Member
“I don’t get the chance to drop my kids off or pick them up from school. This is my way to still be involved and contribute to their time at Baynton West Primary School being a really positive experience”
Bradley Cox – School Board Member
“Really excited to be a part of the Baynton West Primary School Board and help in the strategic planning of the school moving forward. With 3 kids at the school and having worked in education for a long period of time, I feel it is a good time to give back to the school and the community in this way”
Ryan McEwan – School Board Member
“I was born in Dampier and raised in Karratha, I am passionate about developing my community and providing opportunities to children of the area. I am a strong advocate for Baynton West Primary School and as a Board Member, I will assist in promoting the great work the school does”
Justine Passmore – Executive Officer