School Board

Boards of Independent Public Schools

One of the exciting things the principal of an Independent Public School can do is establish a school board whose elected members work with the principal and community to achieve the best outcomes for students.

While members of the school council may be re-elected to the new board, establishing the board of an Independent Public School is an opportunity to attract a broader cross-section of people with a range of experience and expertise. Strong community and industry representation ensures the board can make an even more significant contribution to the development of the school.

One of the most important things the board does is to establish a vision for the school that reflects the aspirations and needs of the community. The board can have an important influence on the direction of the school, with members bringing ideas and lending their expertise to strategic planning, and community partnerships. Professional skills in areas such as management, finance, procurement, marketing and cultural knowledge support the principal and strengthen the school’s capacity to meet the needs of its students.

Elected members include parents, staff and members of the community. Students 15 years and over can be members. The principal is a member of the board. A comprehensive induction is provided for all board members.

The Independent Public School board is a signatory to the Delivery and Performance Agreement with the principal and Director General. There is also an expectation that the board participates in the external review of the school that is undertaken by the Department of Education Services in the final year of the Delivery and Performance Agreement.

Download the School Board Terms of Reference.

School Board Minutes

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