Our Staff

Baynton West Primary School’s vision of ‘Children are at the heart of our school’, drives our recruitment strategy. We require a strong philosophy and understanding of the educational process from our workforce and we seek staff members who are passionate educators that value and nurture our students.

As an Independent Public School we actively select our own teaching and support staff, in accordance with Public Sector Standards, to ensure our vision remains the core of our daily practice. Parents and Caregivers are viewed by Baynton West Primary School staff as partners in Education.

Here is what some of our wonderful staff members say about their roles:

Lisa Ledger – Principal

I am the foundation Principal of this awesome school.  I am passionate about public education and truly believe in our vision of…’Children are at the heart of Baynton West Primary School.  My goal is to service our students’ educational needs and form strong relationships with them, their parents/caregivers, my staff and our local community in order to create a unique educational experience where everyone is able to flourish.

MIchelle Lucev – Visual Arts Specialist

I am a Visual Arts Specialist and have been working at Baynton West Primary School since the start of 2017. I am keen to share my enthusiasm for Art as I take our wonderful students on their artistic journeys to explore, create, reflect and have fun. It is inspiring to see the joy Art brings to our students, as they discover their ability to be creative. Baynton West is a nurturing and friendly school and I feel privileged to be a part of this amazing community. 

Belinda Smith – Teacher

My first year as an experienced teacher at Baynton West Primary School has been immensely challenging as well as immensely rewarding. Collegiate support is outstanding and all staff are supported and encouraged to grow as teachers. The school community is lovely and welcoming too!

Sanet Maasdam – Teacher

I have been working at Baynton West Primary School since the start of 2016 and as a classroom teacher, it is my responsibility to create an adventurous and nurturing environment which helps everyone be the best they can be. It is a privilege to work in a classroom with a group of vibrant and creative minds. I am humbled by seeing the children learn something new every day.


Toni Whitbread – Deputy Principal

I have been working at Baynton West Primary School since 2013 and have worked in a variety of roles including classroom teacher, Peer Coach and Learning Support Coordinator.  I love all the opportunities the school provides to engage with the students, parents and community members with events such as the Colour Run, our bi-annual fete, Open Night, Year 5 and 6 camp and our end of year concert. Teachers, students and our Baynton West community love a chance to celebrate and have fun!


Ange Blackwood – School Officer

I joined Baynton West Primary School at the beginning of 2016 as an Education Assistant, I was fortunate to be able to support many students from Kindy through to Year 6. In 2017 I then joined the administration team as a School Officer, I love working for Baynton West Primary School and am very grateful for the opportunities they have given me. I love interacting with the parents, caregivers and community members who visit our school regularly.

Jodi Neville – School Officer

I joined the Baynton West team in 2015 as a School Officer. Since then I have also become an Attendance Officer. I thoroughly  working in the front office. It’s a pleasure working with the students, school community, administration team and teachers at Baynton West Primary School.

Joanne Waterstrom Muller – Canteen Manager

I am very lucky to be Canteen Manager of Baynton West Primary School Canteen.  It is a fun place to work, with paid staff and volunteers that come in and help, wash our laundry, do our shopping for us. We are always thinking of yummy healthy food to serve the kids.  The kids are polite and it is nice to see them every day with their smiling faces.I have learnt a lot over the years from when I first started the canteen until now. It has been a rewarding job, organising staff, meeting new friends, ordering food, creating new menus, catering for the school and running large sports days and open nights.  Some days making over 300 orders.  We are a busy canteen.We are always chasing new helpers,  why don’t you pop in for a visit?



Amy Ballard – Teacher

I find working at Baynton West a real joy. I love getting up in the morning and coming to work. I have found the staff and students a delight to work with because Baynton West is a professional, collaborative and supportive environment for staff and students alike.



Judy Beauchamp – Education Assistant

Working at the school as a special needs Education Assistant is a very satisfying job. Working at Baynton West PS with a positive and supporting staff is very rewarding. Being a foundation staff member I have seen the school grow from strength to strength and can see the school growing stronger in the future.


Kayla Cross Learning Support Coordinator

I have been working at Baynton West Primary School since 2013, Semester 2. Throughout the time I have been at Baynton West, I have been a Year 6 and 7 teacher, the Health and Physical Education teacher and this year I am in the role of Learning Support Coordinator. In my current role I support teachers plan and resource for any students with additional needs and liaise with outside services to provide the best outcomes for all of our students.  I believe Baynton West is a positive, supportive and collaborative place to work and strives to get the best outcomes for our students.


Freyja Lucas – Deputy Principal

I have been working at Baynton West primary School since its inception in 2013.  I started as a classroom teacher and I am currently a Deputy Principal.  Baynton West Primary School is very close to my heart and I love working here.  As a foundation staff member it has been an honour to help build the amazing place that it is today.  It is an absolute pleasure to work with the wonderful students teachers and families that we are lucky to have at Baynton West.


Catherine Wall – Library Officer

The thing I love most about working at Baynton West Primary is being with the children!  I am really fortunate to work in a beautiful library and to have a role that allows me to introduce the children to new authors and titles and ideas every day.  I facilitate a Student Librarian team that is second to none!  Watching the Student Librarians grow and blossom in the role gives me immense happiness!


Justine Passmore – Manager Corporate Services

This is the most satisfying job I have ever had, as the second employed, I was here from the very beginning in 2012, I love being part of the Baynton West family.



Tracey Benge – Year 5 Teacher

Baynton West PS is an important part of my life and my families. It is a highly professional school with many opportunities for staff and students to develop their passion for learning.

Staff at our school – 2017