Baynton West offers a Music program filled with diverse experiences to cater for the interests of our students. All students have access to Music once a week. During these classes they have exposure to a large variety of music and instruments. They also have the opportunity to read, play, compose and respond to music to gain a greater appreciation for this area of the Arts.

A select group of students in Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to learn a brass or woodwind instrument through the School of Instrumental Music. Their lessons occur every Friday and are by invitation only.

There are also three performance ensembles that rehearse during the week and are open to students from Years 4 -6 to join. Inclusion in the first two ensembles is guaranteed for any student who shows dedication and consistency in attendance and effort. The Performance Troupe are a choral based ensemble that combine singing and choreography. They rehearse after lunch every Wednesday (during class time).

The Baynton Beat Busters are a drumming ensemble that rehearse every Monday during the second half of lunch break. The Baynton Uke Group are a newly formed ensemble that learn to play the ukulele every Tuesday morning from 8am – 8.20am. Inclusion in this group is dependent on numbers as well as dedication and consistency. Students can join more than one ensemble, however they must prove themselves to be a dedicated and consistent musician.

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