Extra-Curricular Activities

Before & After school programs & lunchtime activities

Every term we have a new extra curricular timetable that is published on the website.

STEM GATE runs weekly from weeks 3-10 every term and other STEM programs are advertised via student expressions of interest. In Term 1 2021 we have a before school STEM club for Year 3 students who are interested in RoboCup and and after school program for Year 4s using Micro:Bits and automation.

The Arts have many extra curricular programs running throughout the year including Performance Troupe, Art Club, Beat Busters, Ukulele Group and a Junior Music group. Information regarding these groups and how to join comes directly from the specialist teachers.

The Health and Physical Education department run before school programs that differ depending on the sporting (and weather!) season and these programs fill rapidly often resulting in lunch time competitions being run in the same discipline. We have the ever popular Runners’ Club in Terms 2 & 3 with other sports rotated through such as Dodgeball & Ultimate Tag in terms 1 & 4.

Please see the Term 1, 2021 Extra Curricular Timetable here.