Positive Powers


Positive Behaviour Support is an initiative adapted by the Department of Education which focuses on explicitly teaching and acknowledging positive student behaviour.

In 2013, Baynton West Primary School was busy laying the ground work to implement Positive Behaviour Support. Through collaboration, our staff and students decided upon four positively stated expectations: Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Your Best and Be Resilient. This lead to the design a poster competition, with the students deciding on the winning design: the Baynton West Primary School Positive Powers super heroes: Rosie Responsibility, Mr. Resilient, Beckie Be Your Best and Safety Boy.

In 2014, the staff created a matrix of expected positive behaviours that outline explicitly what behaviour is expected of the students in locations around the school. The school celebrated the launch of the matrix with Unity Day where the students dressed up as superheroes.

In 2015, lessons were created based on the behaviours from the matrix. Every fortnight there was a new focus that the staff taught school wide. Staff created videos of the ‘no’ ver- sions to help teach the students.

Our Positive Power characters were redesigned by our Visual Arts Specialist, Shaune Hillier. The redesigned characters were turned into large scale signs for the under cover area and costumes were made for the students to wear. The launch of the new Positive Powers was celebrated as PBS Day and the students dressed up as the old characters.

In 2016 and 2017, the school continues the PBS journey by focussing on collecting data, continuing to teach lessons from our PBS matrix and adding our new characters to our school documents and tokens that we give out to students.

Download a copy of Baynton West Positive Behaviour Matrix